A Book On The Line

From the platform, I couldn’t find an angle that revealed the title of the book and I can’t let it go.

Why was it there? It was quite far from the platform, too far to have been dropped which means it can only have been thrown there. The question is burning through my bones, why would someone throw a book under a train?

It seems an extreme reaction to bad literature, no? Surely if the readers objection was to the content, a poor amazon review would have been enough self expression but no, this reader physically propelled the work from their person into the path of an oncoming train. That’s a ferocity that speaks of a personal insult.

It’s a paperback and light in colour. It’s definitely fiction. I can just make out large print at the top of the front cover in a light embossed gold. The colour underneath is pale, possibly pink although it’s not at all clear.

Romance, then?

Does the genre in itself reveal a motive? Perhaps our book thrower began reading this particular romance novel during happier times, when love was plentiful and the sense of belonging that comes with a relationship protected his or her gentle heart from the drama within the pages.

Perhaps the book depicted a relationship the throwers partner felt superior to their own, and so attempts were made to emulate the fantasy in reality. Then perhaps the thrower did not appreciate the intrusion and disposed of the book before the partner got anymore daft ideas about love.

I stand on this train platform every evening at 5pm, and every evening from now until it vanishes I’m going to have to try and work out the book title so I can read it and try to figure out what could have inspired such a strong reaction from our thrower.

Watch this space.

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