Many Small Moments – Bus Conversations

I put a call out on Facebook for blog contributors and my lovely Dad Tim sent me the below, it’s too good not to share.

I’d like to report a conversation between two elderly ladies on the Community minibus. I was driving, and dropping the ladies off at their homes one by one. The last two ladies were having a chat. One likes to talk a lot, and has a fairly loud voice, but is very deaf. The other likes to talk a lot, but has mild dementia.

It went something like this;
‘Mrs X is in hospital again, did you know?’
‘The council are repairing the road outside my house again.’
‘Wasn’t the Christmas lunch nice this year? I liked the stuffing.’
‘I wonder where I left my door key, it might be in my bag, or on the kitchen table.’
‘Are you going on the shopping trip to Bakewell?’
‘I missed Emmerdale yesterday…’

Both ladies were completely content in their conversation and were having a lovely time.



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