Many Small Introductions

Hello Friend.

My name is Han, I’m a fairly average human and like all humans, I have a lot to say.

Many Small Things is a blog about not a lot. It’s a collection of occurrences, thoughts and opinions from the daily life of someone who isn’t you, but probably would be given a similar set of circumstances and experiences… probably.

Good Lord that was pretentious. I promise never to try and define myself in a paragraph again if you promise to bear with me while I work out what it is I’m trying to say.

The photo, by the way, is from the day I turned up to the station on my way to work and realised I’d come dressed as one of the railway children. This is the kind of thing I’m talking about; small, insignificant moments that begin and end before breakfast but which have the capacity to make you laugh or just feel… something?

They’re important, and so are you.

Anyway, onwards.

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